Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big news

So we are moving, a few hours away! It's good news because my husband finally has a job! But also sad because we love it here so much. My husband will leave within a few weeks, and I'll stay here & play single mom until the boys get out of school in June...eek!

Monday, February 2, 2009

February already?!

Wow, I missed a month! January was a very busy month around here. My middle son turned 8 and my youngest turned 2! We had a birthday party at a playplace for the older one, and we took the younger one to a place he could ride kiddie rides. He loved it!

Right now we're waiting to see if my husband gets a second interview for a job he applied for--in another city! So we're waiting to find out if we need to move or not. It's a litle tense and a little exciting. We'd hate to leave where we live, because we love it here, but we need a job and we'd be moving near the grandparents, so we're willing!

And as for the groundhog...I'm glad I live in a place where six weeks of winter isn't likely to be that bad. :-) Especially when our heater only works intermittently!