Monday, October 12, 2009

Potty progress

I can't believe my 2-year-old is potty training himself! All I did was buy a small potty a few months ago, and introduced the idea. Other than sitting on it a few times back then, he didn't really start potty traning. Then this past week, he started asking to go and occasionally asking to try underwear, so we bought him some. He has gone to the potty about 10 times in the past three days, and has even kept his diapers or underwear dry in between on some of those occasions. So far it's much less work than with my older two boys! With them, I had potty charts and prize incentives, and they would go no problem if I took them, but they would never ask to go when they needed to if I didn't remind them first. But this time, he's taking the lead for the most part. Wow!

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