Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's always something!

I can't believe what just happened. My husband was going to take the baby out in the car. The baby was eager to leave, so I took him outside to wait for my husband to come out. My 7-year-old decided to come out and help the baby get in the car. He opened the door, and also got in himself and started climbing around in the car, even though he wasn't going anywhere. He accidentally bumped his head against the front windshield, and though he barely noticed the bump himself, the windshield cracked! There's a huge crack in the car windshield now, and we've only had this car 10 months. I can't believe that! I don't know if insurance will pay for it because we have a big deductible...sigh. And what happens to our windshield stickers (inspection sticker, registration sticker, toll road sticker)? I just didn't need this today. Our other car actually has a crack on the windshield, too, which we've never replaced because the car itself isn't worth the effort when we have no extra money. But this car is too good not to fix.

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