Thursday, June 19, 2008

Template help?!

How on earth do you change a template in Blogger?? I've downloaded several custom templates from sites around the Internet, but got Blogger errors anytime I tried to upload one. I just tried some template code from, which has a lot of Blogger layouts, but again, I only get errors if I try to use them for my blog. I've even tried reverting to the Classic template style instead of the newer version, and it didn't help.

At this point, I'd be happy if I could even change out the plain green background on the edges for a textured background (and I have a good .jpg that might work for that), but can't figure out where in the code the background image is being called from. Argh. I'd rather get a whole new template, anyway, but even though I see other templates in use all over Blogspot, I can't get any to work.

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Jean said...

One quick question..are you clicking the box that says expand code or something like that? It's right at the top before you see all the code. I'm no expert by any means. Here's a web site that really helped me with the code for my sidebar, back ground image and all that..